Plastic Shower Caddy: Hanging, Portable, Suction Cup, and Over The Door

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best plastic shower caddy review

Whether you have a tiny bathroom in your apartment in the city or a luxurious bath in your house in the country, keeping it clean and organized is essential.

One of the best ways to organize it is by using a plastic shower caddy. It does not only collect your bath essentials in one place, but it can also free up some space for your other things.

There are plenty of shower caddies available, and it’s made from different materials such as aluminum, solid plastic, stainless steel, and brass. The most convenient and affordable option is the hanging plastic shower caddy. Since they are made from plastic, they are more rigid and can hold their shape better.

These types of caddies get a terrible reputation for being brittle, cheap, and usually don’t last long. But not all of them are.

Lucky for you, we have rounded up the best plastic shower caddy that is well worth your money in this article. We have included a short review of each and the buying guide to use when buying one.

ShowerGem No Suction Cups or Screws, Rust Proof, Easy-Clean, As seen on Dragons Den, Neat and Tidy Place for Everything, Shower Caddy

ShowerGem Shower Caddy

This is undoubtedly the best plastic shower caddy you can find in the market today. It is easy to install using an engineering-grade glue, no need for a screw, or a useless suction cup.

This shower caddy is made from durable plastic with a unique design. The ShowerGem Shower Caddy has the best combination of price, quality, and performance that’s worthy of the top spot.

Check price on Amazon

Types of Plastic Caddies You Can Choose From

There are many types of shower caddies according to their designs that you can choose from. The key to finding the right design is to use the design of your bathroom and where it’s going to be located as reference.

Here are the common types you can choose from:

  • Portable Caddies – It is usually made from mesh cloth that you can carry around everywhere you go. It should be able to keep the water out and your items dry.
  • Hanging Caddies – This is the most popular version of the shower caddy and can be hanged on the pipe where the showerhead is connected. It is useful because you can easily reach your showering items.
  • Suction Cup Caddies – It does not occupy much space and can hold shampoos and conditioner comfortably.
  • Over the Door Caddies – Most caddies of this design are long-lasting because it can avoid lots of water.
  • Tension Pole Caddies – It is held in the corners of the shelves by the tension rod and useful when more people are using the bathroom.
  • Free Standing Caddies – A lot of big bathrooms are using this type of caddies that can stand on its own.
  • Shower Shelves – There are easy-to-install shower shelves that you can buy for your bathing accessories that assemble in minutes even without tools.
  • Wall Mounted Caddies – The major con of this bathroom organizer is you need to drill a hole on the wall to install it.

Best Plastic Shower Caddy on the Market

While there are a multitude of subpar plastic caddies hitting the shelves, it can be hard to choose the best plastic shower caddy from this crowded market. The good news is we have listed the best models for every design we can find on the market and made a short review to help you out.

Product Image TopShowerGem No Suction Cups or ScrewsBuy on Amazon
Product Image TopZenna Home 2104W Tension White Corner CaddyBuy on Amazon
Product Image TopTenby Living Corner Shower Caddy - 3 ShelfBuy on Amazon
Product Image TopUmbra 022360-670 Bask, White Hanging Storage and OrganizerBuy on Amazon
Product Image TopUmbra Flex Gel Lock Corner Shower BinBuy on Amazon
Product Image TopStorex Classroom Small CaddyBuy on Amazon
Product Image TopLEVERLOC Corner Shower Caddy NO-DrillingBuy on Amazon
Product Image Topilikable Vacuum Waterproof Bathroom Wall Shelf Shower BasketBuy on Amazon
Product Image TopSooyee 2-Pack Shower CaddiesBuy on Amazon
Product Image TopSunlit Heavy Duty Power Lock Dual Suction Cup CaddyBuy on Amazon
Product Image TopiDesign Plastic Grand ArcBuy on Amazon

1. ShowerGem Plastic Shower Caddy

ShowerGem No Suction Cups or Screws Check price on Amazon

If you are looking for a shower tidy that would actually stay on the wall, then you better buy our top choice, the ShowerGem Plastic Shower Caddy. Although it is the most expensive caddy on our list, it is well worth the price. First, because it has a sleek and sophisticated design that you can’t find anywhere.

It is easy to install; you don’t need tools to attach it to your wall. The package contains an engineering-grade glue to attach like the plastic shower caddy, as seen on Dragon’s Den TV show. It does not fall like suction cups do and can attach on any bathroom materials and surface, smooth or textured.

Many people are apprehensive about buying anything made from plastic because of their durability but this brand and style of shower caddy is rustproof and durable. It does not easily break as the material has rubber content for added toughness.

The angled shelf design of the shelf allows you to put your shampoo bottles upside down to pour out its contents up to the last drop. There is no need to worry about the sizes of your shampoo products here, it can hold large bottles up to 33 ounces in size. Plus, you’ll get a built-in razor holder and soap dish.

Cleaning is a breeze for this shower caddy. You can clip it off the wall and give it a good cleaning or throw it in your dishwasher.

  • Easy installation using the engineering-grade glue and brackets
  • Can hold even large bottles up to 33oz
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Slots can be small for bigger bottles
  • The adhesive can have whitish hue

2. Zenna Home 2104 W Bathtub and Shower Tension Pole Corner Caddy

Zenna Home 2104W Bathtub and Shower Check price on Amazon

Tension pole caddies can fit at any corner of your bathroom. One of its most popular models is the Zenna Home Shower Tension Pole Corner Shower Caddy. It has an adjustable cord to fit most shower spaces even with a ceiling of up to 8 feet high.

Installation of this shower caddy is easy as it works like a tension curtain rod. It boasts a durable hard plastic design that makes it resistant to rust and can last longer than those of cheaper models. It has five shelves, each adjustable to accommodate taller items.

You don’t have to worry about the body collapsing on you while showering because it has high compression springs for the caddy to stay in place. Many of those who purchased this caddy commend it for its easy assembly and cleaning.

Many don’t appreciate the aesthetic of this caddy as the design focused more on purpose rather than style. However, the functionality of the shelves made up for its appearance.

The price of this plastic tension pole shower caddy does not come cheap but when you look at the quality of its workmanship, performance and easy installation, it is well worth the price.

  • Tool-less installation
  • Adjustable shelves can accommodate different bottle sizes
  • Sturdy and rustproof
  • Easy to clean
  • The rubber footing can detach from the floor or tub
  • Does not look pleasing to the eye

3. Tenby Living Corner Plastic Shower Caddy

Tenby Living Corner Shower Caddy - 3 Shelf Shower Organizer Caddie with Movab. Check price on Amazon

This Tenby Living Corner Shower Caddy is perfect for small bathrooms because it has plenty of rooms for all the bath items. Boasting three plastic shelves that can hold shampoo, conditioner, shower gels, shaving cream, among others.

It can fit perfectly in the corner of your bathroom but it will still depend on the shape and size of the bathtub. So, you have to check your bathroom dimensions first before purchasing.

The plastic material that this plastic corner shower caddy is made from makes it durable and resistant to wear and tear. It is also mold-resistant because the holes in the shelves drains the water to keep molds and mildews away.

Surprisingly, it is stable even if it’s lightweight. The no-wobble design is attributed to the adjustable feet that keeps it steady without shaking or rocking. Another excellent feature are the included spacers to adjust the height of the caddy and hold other taller bottles.

This shower caddy is pretty straightforward and easy to assemble, you can put it together without any tool needed. Cleaning is also simple and does not need much effort.

  • Easy to assemble
  • With anti-wobble design
  • Sturdy and mold-resistant shelving
  • Adjustable height using spacers
  • It may not fit all bathtub corners
  • No suction cups on its feet to keep the caddy in place

4. Umbra White Hanging Plastic Shower Caddy

Umbra 022360-670 Bask, White Hanging Shower Caddy, Bathroom Storage and Organizer for Shampoo, Conditioner, Bath Supplies and Accessories, 11-1/4 Check price on Amazon

This Umbra White Hanging Shower Caddy is a pretty sight to see. It has an eye-catching design that would be a nice addition to your shower room. Aside from its innovative design it also serves its purpose as an organizer for your bath essentials.

The three self-draining polypropylene baskets are sturdy enough to hold the shampoos, shower gels, conditioners, and others. These baskets are opaque or frosted white in appearance with suction cups. It’s not necessary because these are hanging from the stainless steel ball chain. The shower caddy is durable and easy to clean.

Its hooks are rust-free as it is made from stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about it deteriorating early than usual. The baskets are more than a masterpiece, aside from its capability to hold your shower necessities. It is also deep, you can rest assured that taller bottles will not tip over.

You also don’t have to worry about stagnant water on the baskets. It drains efficiently and allows water to pass through. It is truly an efficient organizer to collect the things crowding your bathtub.

  • Innovative design which you can’t find in any other shower caddies
  • Handy space-saving solutions
  • Helps in reducing the clutter in your bathroom
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Great but has a limited lifespan
  • The metal chain will corrode in time

5. Umbra Flex Gel-Lock Corner Shower Bin

Umbra Flex Gel Lock Corner Shower Bin Check price on Amazon

The Umbra Flex Gel-Lock Corner Shower Bin is a simple plastic shower shelf that can be your ultimate storage solution. It’s perfect for small bathrooms because it can keep your shower essentials while taking much space.

Thexy are equipped with an innovative Gel-Lock technology and suctions cups with twist-to-grip technology to adhere to the tiles. It has a firm grip that can last a long time. It is an excellent option to give you more room in your shower by utilizing the space in the corner.

It can hold all your shower essentials in one place and keep them handy while you shower. It has an integrated space for the shampoo, body wash, conditioner, and soap dish. Plus, it has a slot for razor and two hooks for the washcloth and loofahs.

Since these shelves are made from durable polypropylene, it is rustproof and durable. It will not accumulate water because it has drainage holes. This prevents pooling of water that would not only keep the caddy clean but also prevent molds and mildew from growing.

  • Rustproof and cleans easily
  • Adheres to the surfaces with a firm grip
  • Tool-less installation
  • Contains all the bathroom essentials
  • Can carry standard size bottles only
  • Small things can fall out from front

6. Storex Classroom Caddy

Storex Classroom Caddy, 9.25 x 9.25 x 5.25 Inches, Assorted Colors, Color Assortment Will Vary, Case of 6 (00940U06C), Small Caddy Check price on Amazon

If you live in a place where you don’t have the luxury to have your bathroom, you need a plastic shower caddy with a handle. One of them is the Storex Classroom Caddy. It allows you to store all your bathroom essentials in one caddy and transport them back and forth.

This handy corner plastic shower caddy is very handy when doing a lot of this trip. The caddy is made from impact-resistant plastic with a comfortable grip handle. You can choose from many different colors from red, blue, green, yellow, teal and purple.

It has three compartments , the large one for all your big bottles and two small compartments for your miscellaneous bath essentials. The only downside for this caddy is it does not have drainage holes. It can accumulate water which can be a cesspool for molds and mildew.

The material that it’s made from is durable plastic; it will not break or crack with frequent use. The deep compartments can hold your things without spilling out while you are on your way to shower.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comfortable grip handle makes it easy to carry
  • Well-made and durable
  • Different colors to choose from
  • There are no drainage holes
  • Hard to clean

7. Leverloc Corner Shower Caddy Cup

LEVERLOC Corner Shower Caddy Suction Cup NO-Drilling Removable Bathroom Shower Shelf Heavy Duty Max Hold 22lbs Caddy Organizer Waterproof & Oilproof Shower Corner Rack for Bathroom & Kitchen - White Check price on Amazon

Another shower caddy on our list is this plastic corner shower shelf from Leverloc. It has a design that serves both functionality and beauty. The sleek triangular shape can fit in any bathroom corner to make use of the underutilized space.

It requires no tools or screw for a damage-free and hassle-free installation. Instead all you need to do is to clean the surface and push the suction cups in place and you are dome. The powerful suction cup can work best in a non-porous surface like wall tiles, glass, mirror, plastic board, granite, among others.

This caddy has a hollow design with adjustable hooks that can keep your shampoo, conditioner, and other bath essentials. These items can air dry quickly; you don’t have to worry about mildew. It can fit in any corner of your bathroom because of the versatile hooks.

It is perfect for small bathrooms because of its flexibility. The high quality plastic that made up the caddy contributes to its sturdiness. It’s said that the caddy can last for years.

  • Durable and can last for years
  • Multifunctional, it can be use anywhere in the bathroom or kitchen
  • Adjustable hook
  • Hollow design drains the water to keep the shelves dry
  • Can accommodate a few bath essentials
  • You need to clean the surface thoroughly for the suction cups to adhere

8. ilikable Vacuum Shower Caddy

ilikable Vacuum Shower Caddy Suction Cup No-Drilling Removable Waterproof Bathroom Wall Shelf Shower Basket Storage Organizer for Shampoo Conditioner Razors Soap - White Check price on Amazon

This is another compact one level plastic shower caddy with suction cups. It has  powerful suction cups that can hold a maximum weight of 17 pounds. The ilikable shower caddy has the patented technology that follows the suction cup principle. It is said to stick on the wall without falling for 1000 days.

Installation for this shower caddy is very easy. It does not need tools or screws. Instead all you need is to adhere the suction cups into the wall tiles. You just need to make sure that the walls are clean and dry before installing them.

It has a unique drainage and ventilation design with the hollowed bottom and sloping design can help drain the excess water. It prevents the stagnant water for accumulating and keeps the bath essentials dry.

Additional designs integrated on the shower organizer are the groove hooks where you can hang small bathroom essentials like razors, bath ropes, and many others.

  • Heavy duty suction cups to support the shelf
  • Easy to install
  • Good drainage system
  • Additional groove hook for other bath essentials
  • Can contain a small amount of bottles
  • The suction cup may be hard to install if the instructions are not followed

9. Sooyee 2-Pack Shower Caddies

Sooyee 2-Pack Shower Caddies,No Drilling Wall Mounted Bathroom Corner Shelf Organizer with Hooks Suction Kitchen Storage,Stackable Makeup Organizer Stand on Countertop,Clear Check price on Amazon

These two separate shelves are clear plastic shower caddies from Sooyee. It is a great organizer not only for your bath essentials but for other things too like your makeup and perfume near the vanity. The transparent plastic design lets you see the products you need like shampoo, shower gel, soap, comb and others.

It is easy to install without drilling. All you need to do is to peel off the protective layer on the adhesive and use a glue to stick the shower caddy into position. It can be installed in any flat and smooth surfaces. The drainage holes keep the water out of the shelves but you have to clean it frequently too.

This clear plastic shower caddy is made from acrylic. They are sturdy but may break easily when dropped from a height. It is of a modest size and can hold a handful of your bath essentials. The clear plastic may be pretty to look at but it is prone to water stains, so you have to keep it dry.

  • It is a good size shower caddy
  • Sturdy as it is made from hard plastic
  • The adhesive holds the shelves well
  • Good size to contain the bath essentials
  • The stickers may cause the shelves to fall off
  • Hold a decent amount of weight but not more

10. Sunlit Heavy Duty Suction Cup Shower Caddy

Sunlit Heavy Duty Power Lock Dual Suction Cup Shower Caddy. Alternative to Wall Mount Self Adhesive Holder for Soap Dispenser, Shampoo, Bath Toys, Utensils - Shower Room Kitchen Bathroom Accessories Check price on Amazon

Most shower caddies have suction cups to hold them in place. It is the most convenient method to use. you won’t need tools or screws to install them; instead, you rely on the power of the suction cups for the shelves not to fall. It is compact and does not take up much space.

One of the preferred plastic bathroom shower caddies is the one made by Sunlit. It has super strong large suction cups equipped with Power Locks that can adhere to a variety of smooth surfaces. What makes it special is its clear plastic shelf. It helps you instantly find what you are looking for, even the smallest one.

This shower caddy is fully adjustable; you can choose the position you want and adhere to the suction to install the shelf. This shelf has a rounded corner that is super easy to clean because it has drainage holes to keep the things dry.

  • Has super strong suction cups to hold the shelf
  • Designed with clear plastic to see the contents
  • Easy to install
  • Fully hygienic with drainage holes to keep the things inside dry
  • Clear plastic may suffer from water stains

11. iDesign Plastic Grand Arc

iDesign Plastic Grand Arc Bathroom Suction Shower Caddy for Shampoo, Conditioner, and Soap with Hooks for Razors, Towels, Loofahs, 4.1 Check price on Amazon

This is a versatile caddy with a lovely and interesting design. It is made from plastic with a rubber arm that gives two mounting options. You can hang it on your shower head using the rubber arm or as an over-the-door plastic hanging shower caddy.

You can organize your washroom with the two shelves to hold your toiletries and bathing essentials. It also has built-in hooks to hold your back scrubbers, loofahs, razors, and other bath items. This shower caddy is in soft white matte plastic that is corrosion-free and rust-resistant. It offers a lot of storage space to reduce your clutter.

The four-strong suction cups on the rails support the shower caddy and give secure mounting, making sure that it sticks to the walls of your shower. It will prevent the caddy from moving and falling to the floor. It is easily adjustable around the tiles.

Cleaning is never a problem with this shower caddy, the water drains from the shelves, and you can bring it down to clean.

  • With stylish design
  • Integrated hooks for holding your razor, loofah, etc.
  • Suction cups keep the caddy from moving
  • With adjustable arms
  • Some bottles cannot fit on the bottom shelf
  • The suction cups may be useless if there are no tiles

How to Clean Plastic Shower Caddy?

plastic caddy cleaning

For those who own a plastic shower caddy, the most vital question they have in mind is how to clean them. Hygiene is essential for everything inside the bathroom. The moisture and temperature help breed mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Luckily, plastic shower caddies are the easiest to clean and maintain. What you need to clean them is a mild soap, water, and sponge. You need to scrub the caddy well then rinse it thoroughly with water.

The shower caddy needs regular cleaning to avoid the accumulation of soap scum that can be hard to clean when left without cleaning for a long time.

You can find different features and designs of plastic shower caddies; some even come with suction cups. To clean these unique caddies, you need to clean the walls and wipe it dry before remounting the caddy.

To know about cleaning shower caddies, you can check the complete guide here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout our review of plastic shower caddies, we have encountered the most frequently asked questions. Here are some of them and the answers.

Where to buy hard plastic shower caddy?

Shower caddies are available in home centers, department stores, retailers, and local megastores. However, in my opinion, the best places to buy them are from online stores like Amazon. Not only can you choose from hundreds of choices, but you can also read the reviews to know how good they are based on the user’s experience.

Which is the best plastic shower caddy for college?

The choice for the best plastic shower caddy will depend on your needs and your budget. As a general rule, the caddy should be big enough for all your needs and good enough to last you throughout your college years.

Plastic or mesh shower caddy for college?

A plastic shower caddy is a better choice, especially if you don’t have a bathroom. Go for the handy shower candy to ferry your bath essentials in and out of the bathroom. It should be durable and less likely to become a bacterial cesspool.

Plastic vs. metal shower caddy. Which one to choose?

While they both caddies from these materials have their benefits, it all comes down to what you need. The metal ones are sturdier, while plastic ones usually can’t hold much weight. However, metal caddies can easily rust (except stainless steel caddies), while plastic ones can’t. And when it comes to the price, metal caddies usually can’t even compete with plastic.


All the products that we have covered in this review for the best plastic shower caddy can help you organize your bathroom essentials like shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, and other items out of the bathroom floor.

You can use them in bathrooms of any design or size. The models with suction cups are the most convenient. However, it should be adhered to clean and smooth surfaces for the suction cups to stay. We hope that we have provided you with all the information you need to make an educated decision for your new plastic shower caddy.

If you have questions, additional information, or comments, feel free to write it on the comment section down below.