Teak Bathtub Tray: Top 5 Models For Relaxing Bath

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After a long day at work or running up and down, all that I think about when I step on my front door is a warm bubble bath. For long and enjoyable baths, you should consider getting a teak bathtub tray.

Teak bathtub caddy is a brilliant accessory when you need a long and relaxing bath to rejuvenate yourself. To make matters, even better, the teak caddy is robust and requires little maintenance improving your showering experience.

But, the most vital question we ask ourselves is, What is the best teak bathtub tray? To assist you in making a wise and informed decision, we have extensively researched and compiled five of the best on the market. So, let’s dive in!

Ginsey Teak Tub Caddy

Ginsey Teak Tub Caddy

If you are ever in the market for a teak tub caddy, why not go for Ala Teak Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray. It has the best combination of price, quality, and performance, making it our #1 product.
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5 Reasons to Choose Teak Wood Bathtub Caddy

A teak wood bathtub caddy is a must-have accessory, especially if you love a hand free shower experience. And, as such, you need to be extra careful when you are in the market for one. Because we all want the best caddy, here are some key features that you should always pay special attention to.


When you are in the tub, you don’t want a caddy that will constantly slip or fall over. I recommend to my readers to always choose caddies that have been equipped with anti-skid features at its backing, which will reduce any chances of making a mess of your bathroom.

Bathtub size

Most bathtubs on the market vary in size; your caddy needs to fit the tub even at the widest spots sufficiently. Your caddy should also be able to rest securely wherever you want, so it’s vital always to choose a caddy that will perfectly fit your tub for enhanced stability.


Your teak bath caddy should be designed with holes to allow free circulation of air and water which minimizes bacterial growth in the long run


Always do prior research to know the costs of different brands on the market. Having a budget range is vital to not bankrupt yourself in the process. However, never compromise on quality be willing to splurge a bit.


Most teak bath caddy comes with different designs and configurations. Always go for a colorful caddy that will complement the décor of your bathroom as well as the tub.

Best teak wood bathtub tray on the market

Over the years, we have come across and reviewed a wide variety of bathtub trays made from teak. Some of the features I paid close attention to include quality, craftsmanship, functionality, and how easy they are to maintain.

Below we will have a detailed review of five models that I liked.

Product Image TopGinsey Teak Tub CaddyBuy on Amazon
Product Image TopMind Reader Bathroom OrganizerBuy on Amazon
Product Image TopAla Teak Wood Luxury Caddy TrayBuy on Amazon
Product Image TopConair Home Solid Teak Bathtub TrayBuy on Amazon
Product Image TopWestminster Teak Pacifica Bathtub TrayBuy on Amazon

1. Ginsey Teak Wood Bathtub Tray

Ginsey Teak Tub Caddy Check price on Amazon
For those in the market for a teak wood bathtub tray with a simple and elegant design, Ginsey teak tub caddy should be at the top of your list. The teak caddy was designed for relaxation and luxury in mind.

The teak tray features notched placeholders that will hold all of your bathing essentials, keeping everything conveniently organized and within arm’s reach.

It’s also designed with an adjustable wood frame for your book/tablet giving you the perfect viewing and reading angle so that you don’t have to twist your neck always.

Ginsey teak caddy is kiln-dried, hand-sanded, and sealed with rich Golden hue giving it a rich, vibrant color as well as making it water-resistant, enhancing its strength and durability. The caddy is also made of 100% genuine teak-wood underlining its quality.

The caddy is fitted with expandable side-arms that will boost its stability, minimizing chances of it slipping or falling from the caddy.

Lastly, Ginsey features a sculpted Coaster slot that will hold your cup of a glass of wine while you enjoy a warm bubble bath.

  • Has a simple and elegant design
  • Made of genuine teak wood
  • Can comfortably hold large towels
  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Some users have complained about its stability

2. Taymor Teak Tub Caddy

Mind Reader Bathroom Shower Organizer for Shampoo, Soap, Razors, and Much More Bamboo Bathtub Tray, Brown Bath Caddy Check price on Amazon
Taymor teak bath caddy is another beautiful bathroom accessory that will provide you with all the space you require to enjoy a warm bath.

The teak tub caddy is made of high-quality teak wood that’s coated with a thin layer of protective oil, ensuring its waterproof as well as maintain its original look and quality.

One of the exciting features of Taymor is its simple design that will blend with any bathroom décor accentuating the look and appearance of your shower area.

The caddy comes in two sizes: standard and oversized that will fit most bathtubs on the market, making it look great and beautiful.

Its slatted design will allow water to drain easily, allowing it to dry quickly and prevent the formation of mold or mildew.

The premium materials used in production ensured that the teak tray would serve you for years.

With dimensions of 30” x 4.5” x 1.5”, the tray is large enough compared to most brands on the market bringing everything within reach. Ever shower area needs a spa-like feel, with Taymor you will enjoy complete peace of mind.

  • Comes in two sizes: oversized and standard
  • Chic modern design
  • Conveniently large enough to hold all of your bathing essentials
  • It’s waterproof
  • Has no extendable arms

3. Ala Teak Tray For Bathtub

Ala Teak Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray with Extendable Sides and Bed Tray, Reading Rack, Tablet Holder Check price on Amazon
Another teak bathtub tray that is trusted by thousands globally is Ala Teak Wood. The unique teak tray for bathtub is made of genuine teak wood and is covered with a thin protective layer of lacquer that’s mold and mildew resistant making it perfect for a moist environment.

What makes Ala teak wood tray stand out is the additional storage space, it measures 30″ x 12″ x 3″ with an extra additional detachable vanity tray with dimensions of 9.5″ x 3″ providing you with convenient storage space to hold all your bathing essentials in one place.

Ala teak tray features an adjustable design; it comes with one of the biggest extendable slides that will perfectly fit most of the tubs available on the market.

It also comes with a new design featuring spa accessories, two removable trays, a wine glass slot, and a waterproof tablet and book holder bringing all the convenience fit for a queen or king!

With regards to durability, the teak caddy is mold and mildew resistant as well as water-resistant, making it easy to clean and maintain proving full value for your money.

  • Has convenient storage space
  • It’s adjustable to fit your tub firmly
  • Made of waterproof and durable material
  • It’s eco-friendly
  • It does not come with a gripping feature
  • The outer box is not padded

4. Conair Home Solid Teak Extendable Bath Tray

Conair Home Solid Teak Bathtub Tray Check price on Amazon
If you want the perfect gift idea to give that special someone in your life to help them relax in the bathtub, then Conair home solid teak should be at the top of your list.

The tray is made of natural and genuine teak wood known for its durability beauty and strength.

The tray is coated with a thin layer of resins and organic oil, making the caddy naturally resistant to water boosting its longevity.

The bath tray has a vented design to allow free circulation of water and air, which allows for quick drying after use, making it bacterial and mold resistant.

Conair tray also features a beverage and in-built rest that will hold all of your bathing accessories in one place, keeping your tub area neat and organized.

It also can fit most standard tubs on the caddy as it’s expandable to fit 28 – 31-inch bathtubs.

Each teak extendable bath tray comes with its unique variation and beauty that will represent your character, making it perfect for that romantic date night with your loved one as you both relax and lounge in the tub.

The unique pockets and slot of the caddy tray will have everything at your fingertips, giving you all the convenience and luxury that you desire.

  • Can be adjusted to fit most bathtubs
  • Made of durable material that will last
  • Its slatted design provides for quick drying
  • Robust and beautiful design
  • Some have complained the caddy is flimsy
  • Comes with no gripping features

5. Westminster Teak Bathtub Caddy

Westminster Teak Pacifica Bathtub Tray Check price on Amazon
For those looking for a teak caddy that oozes class and elegance, Westminster Teak Pacifica is the best option for you.

The teak caddy is made from 100% Grade A solid teak extracted from renewable tea plantations if you are serious about climate change, you should go for this ‘bad boy.’

On both ends of the caddy is ample space that will hold you bathing essentials such as candles, razors, or even phones that will enable you to have the time of your life while keeping up with the latest trend of pop culture.

The caddy features a spacious flat surface providing you with space to write or catch up with some of your favorite readings. Other exciting features include a top flip which doubles up as a mirror.

At the time of purchase, Westminster teak bathtub caddy comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which ensures you are entitled to a full refund in case you are not impressed with the quality. Lastly, the caddy has a lifetime warranty; how awesome is that!

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Has extra storage space
  • Made of natural materials to evoke the spa-like feel
  • Durable
  • Users have complained it cannot bear a lot of weight

Teak bathtub tray maintenance tips

Teak is a natural hardwood; hence it’s quite durable and robust, which means that it doesn’t require constant care and maintenance. However, note that if it’s not correctly cared for, the wood tends to lose its original and natural color.

Concerning cleaning teak bathtub tray, you can either use commercial and home-made cleaners. For a home-made cleaning solution, the recipe includes:

  • 1-cup of ammonia and laundry detergent (each), add a gallon of water.
  • add 1-cup of chlorine bleach and laundry detergent added onto a gallon of warm water.
  • 1-cup of vinegar added with one gallon of warm water.

Below is a simple cleaning procedure:

  • Use a nylon scrub brush, slowly apply the mixture onto the whole of the caddy
  • Leave the solution to soak on the wood for approximately 15-20 minutes
  • Using a clean cloth, dip it in water, and scrub the caddy thoroughly.
  • Rinse it and allow it to dry.

When using home-made cleaning solutions, it’s always advisable to clean it outdoors as its quite tasking to clean teak. The mixture used can also damage your floor in case of spillage.

Check our ultimate guide on how to clean any type of bath and shower caddies.

Tip: When cleaning a teak caddy, always remember to start from the bottom as you move upwards, which prevents it from staining uncleaned surfaces.


  • When cleaning the caddy indoors, always ensure you use protective gear preventing you from inhaling toxic fumes

Make your baths even more enjoyable

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Teak bath caddies make bathing a pleasant experience. Just imagine lounging back reading your favorite novel or catching up on the latest move; nothing beats that experience. But, do you know that using a bath pillow would make showering spectacular and amazing.

Pillows will help you sit back and relax on the bathtub much more comfortable, especially when you are reading or watching. Sitting upright or leaning directly on the tab can be quite uncomfortable.

Pillows are another great accessory that will enhance your shower experience, providing you with a complete spa-like feel. When looking to buy a pillow, always go for a material that is large, soft, and comfortable, providing exceptional support to both your neck and body.

Frequently asked questions

Over the years of reviewing bathtub trays, I have come across some of the commonly asked questions. In this section, am going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions that I get in my line of work

Can teak shower tray get wet?

Teak is natural wood making it water-resistant; hence it won’t be damaged when used in moist conditions. But I would recommend not fully submerging it in water; if it happens, all you need to do is wipe it, and air dry it.

Will it hold my textbook?

Yes, they can hold textbooks. Teak caddy is quite robust and strong when compared to bamboo wood. So, teak wood will keep your textbook without any issues, especially but remember not to put too much weight on it.

One side of my tub is against a wall – Can I still use it?

There should be enough edge for it to work; there should be approximately 1.5 inches or more of edge space. If the rubber has a textured surface, it will prevent it from slipping.

Can I use it with a jacuzzi or whirlpool?

Well, the width of the caddy should be big enough for it to work. Before purchasing your caddy, always measure your bathtub to ensure it’s a perfect fit.

Where is the best place to buy a teak wood bathtub tray?

Most of the teak caddy brands can be bought bathroom accessories and equipment stores. But I recommend purchasing them online. Regardless of the size or shape you want, it can be easily found on Amazon.

Final word

For those who love taking long and relaxing baths, then the best teak bathtub caddy is exactly what you need. Not only will it hold all of your essential but will also allow you a hands-free experience while you bubble bath.

So, if you are in the market, head on to our reviews to find a fantastic teak caddy that will meet all your needs and preference. Cheers!