How to Keep Shower Caddy From Rusting: Simple Step by Step Guide

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If you have a nice looking bathroom, you probably get annoyed every time your caddy gets rust. These little metal pieces are not exactly expensive. But you don’t want to go to the store every time the one you have gets a bit of rust. So the big question is “how to keep shower caddy from rusting?” and the answer couldn’t be simpler.

Your shower caddy can look pristine for a long time if you know how to keep chromium clean. You will need a cleaning solution, some water, aluminum foil, a ball of steel wool, and a fresh piece of cloth. Let’s learn how to remove rust off your shower caddy below.

The following guide can also be applied to any chromium parts visible in your bathroom or kitchen. I have dealt with these issues in many households for years. The best way to fix this problem is by going over these steps without missing a beat. Your chromium appliances will shine for a long time, and you will keep rust at bay.

How do I get the rust off my shower caddy?

We are about to explain how to keep shower caddy from rusting. We already mentioned the materials you will need before, but let’s take a closer look at them.

The cleaning solution can be any rust-removing product available in your local supermarket. If they don’t have anything like that, you can prepare your own with lukewarm water and dish soap.

Take the caddy and scrub all the rust using the steel wool or the aluminum foil with the water solution. Do it gently. Each rub should be done lifting the steel wool.

Don’t rub the caddy using back and forward motions. You will remove the chromium coating of the caddy if you do it forcefully.

Take a moment to rinse and repeat the process in every corner of the caddy until you remove the rust. Leave the piece to dry in the open.

If your caddy has a lot of curves and crevices, it will get rusty more often. If you are wondering how to keep shower caddy from rusting on those spots, you only need a bit of nail polish.

Make sure to apply clear nail polish on these places after you clean the rust; that way, the piece will be protected for a long time.

Take a moment every month to polish the caddy piece using waterproof wax or baby oil and a piece of clean cloth. By doing this, you will seal the caddy and will keep its shine for more extended periods.

If you are aiming for a more permanent solution, you can spray-paint the whole caddy piece using antirust paint. By placing an even coat on the caddy, you will make sure it lasts longer.

Will stainless steel shower caddy rust?

Each time I’m getting my supply of material, I get frequently asked: “will stainless steel shower caddy rust?” I want to offer a simple yes or no answer, but it’s not that easy.

There is a lot to factor in, such as materials, manufacturer, and welding techniques. Let’s dive a little deeper on this point to make sure you all understand.

Stainless steel is a rust-resistant material by itself. The chemical composition of the material makes it nearly impossible to rust no matter how much water they receive.

Will stainless steel shower caddy rust

You probably are wondering how your stainless steel shower caddies are getting rust. The answer lies in the welded parts. A lot of manufacturers use outdated welding techniques to make their caddies.

If you want to have a stainless steel caddy in your shower, the best you can do is buy a recognized brand.

Try to look for one that makes a big deal about how they use the latest manufacturing techniques to make their products last longer. Read a couple of reviews online to see if the reputation of the brand precedes them.

A brand caddy probably has high-end finishes, and it will be expensive. The payoff of spending a little bit more money is that you won’t have to worry about rust as long as you have that piece.

If your budget doesn’t allow the expense, there are other materials you can choose that won’t rust at all. Let’s take a look at them in the next paragraph.

Which shower caddy won’t rust?

At this point, you probably know a little bit more about shower caddies than you did five minutes ago. What shower caddy won’t rust? Let’s look back for a moment.

When it comes to materials, chromium caddies certainly look good, but they get rust too quick for my taste.

Stainless steel is not as shiny as chrome but is pretty durable. If you want to go the safer route and avoid any signs of rust in your shower, choose a plastic caddy or a wooden one.

Plastic caddies are not as durable as stainless steel or chromed plates, but they are pretty strong to hold what you need in your shower. You shouldn’t have problems with one, especially if you like unique designs.

Wooden shower caddies are not that popular, but they look pretty neat on a bathroom with the right décor. Best of all? They don’t rust at all. If you hunt for one done using the right wood, you will have a shower caddy that lasts a lifetime.

The best options you can choose are bamboo of teak wood since both materials are waterproof.

Last but not least, you also have mash as a lasting material. Mash will never rust, but it also works if you move frequently or if you love going outdoors traveling or camping.

If you live in a shared community such as a college dorm where many people use a single bathroom, you can have all the stuff you need to shower in a single place in your mash caddy.


Well, that’s it. This neat little package should be pretty useful for you if you are looking at how to keep shower caddy from rusting.

If you have any additional questions, or if you think we left out something important, please make sure to hit the comment sections and leave your feedback. We would love to hear from you!